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For sale

RA330 Angle 56" long 1/4" 1 -1/2' X 1 -1/2"


I have 2 pcs. For Sale -

RA330 material that's 1/4" Thick - 1 1/2" X 1 1/2" Angle 56" long, The material has been formed and has a rolled edge "as pictured"

$350.00 each. 

Let me know if your interested. Email or call for pricing .

RA330 Angle Iron 1/4" thick 1 - 1/2" X 1 - 1/2" Angle X 56" Long
RA330 Angle Iron 1/4" thick 1 - 1/2" X 1 - 1/2" Angle X 56" Long

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CeraMaterials has specials going on Fiber, Moly, Machined Graphite, furnace soft and hard brick!

Phoenix TM


Survey instrument and software. Let us help you keep your NADCAP compliance. 

United Process Control's


Custom Flow Meters, Waukee pumps and instruments.

Showcase company this week "Houghton International"

Houghton International Polymer and Oil quenchant's.


Keylon Thermal Consulting is the West Coast distributor for Houghton's many different blends of oils and polymer quench blends. Call or email for great pricing. 

We also have industrial washer soaps and blackening solutions.

All I can ask for is the opportunity to quote. Let me show you how much you can save..

I supply heat treating services, heat treating oven, Rod Baskets in 3/8" - 1/2" - 5/8" Rod sizes and mesh liners in all Stainless Steels including RA330 and Inconel alloys, heat treating furnace, Instruments, Hydrogen Mesh Belts, Oxygen probes,  N2 Generators, CFC Plates, Fiber, Graphite, Moly, Brick and mortor, Si-Sic Tubes and retorts, Cast Base trays and cast baskets, liner material,  Power management systems, Fabricated alloy products, Centrifugal cast Tubes, Radiant tubes RA330 Material rolled and seam welded, Muffles, Retorts, Serpentine base trays all in RA330 and inconel alloys. Nickel Catalyst 3/4" Cube and Catalyst Substrate, 1-1/4" Nominal Spherical (Alundum), Quench, cutting, and many different types of oil I can supply new and used equipment, furnaces, washers, hyd presses, endothermic generators heat treating services and more. On the top of the page is a drop down menu. I have written 2 articles for Thermal Processing Magazine, One on site safety and the other on Fire Safety. Good information. Let me help you with your OSHA compliance needs. 

Rod baskets


  • Email me what size rod basket, mesh liner you need and I'll get you a quote. Available in 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8"  rod size. RA330 and Inconel 601 materials.

UPC Flow Meters display at the 2017 ASM Gear Show


  • United Process Controls will supply instruments, Oxygen Probes, Waukee Flow meters and pumps and rebuild kits "all we need is the serial number" complete rebuild and calibration of your in service flow meters.

South-Tek Systems

South-Tek Nitrogen Generators

  • South-Tek Systems N2 generators with 99.998 purity will save you money on your Nitrogen gas needs.  Let us do a R.O.I. to show your N2 savings.

North American Cronite

Cast BeaverMatic with hooks, Cast Baskets for many other sizes too.

  • Cast Baskets in many sizes, BeaverMatic with and without hooks. Stacking post can be included. Cast Base Tray in a variety of sizes.



  • INEX has many SiSi/C Tubes in standard sizes with and without flanges. U-Tube's, Straight through. We have carburizing tubes still in operation for 25 years.

Phoenix TM


  • Phoenix TM all your TUS Needs. Cutting edge survey software and reporting.  



  • High temp. Fiber Blanket, Rope, Molly, Graphite plates, Machined to size elements and connectors, CFC boards, Fire Brick and Mortar and any other high temp insulation needs.


  • We know Heat Treatment

Houghton’s comprehensive portfolio of cold quenching oils, martempering oils and aqueous quenchants covers your operational needs. 

Dibalog Energy Management


  • Our main focus is on developing and producing the energy optimization system EOS and the operating data acquisition system EAS for industrial use. Beyond that, dibalog is known for its flexibility and readiness to work with and for the customer to find individual solutions. Installation, optimization and professional after-sales service are provided by our highly qualified technical staff , worldwide.



  • All your Fabricated alloy needs. Muffles, retorts, Serpentine Base Trays radiant tube packages and Roll formed, seam welded straight  RA330 Material tubes. 

Houghton International



  • We know Heat Treatment

Houghton’s comprehensive portfolio of cold quenching oils, martempering oils and aqueous quenchants covers your operational needs. 


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